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6 Pillars for Generational Wealth, Part 1

By December 9, 2016Uncategorized


In part one of a two part series, Jim Fisher explains the first 3 pillars that are critical if you want to create wealth for yourself and perpetuate it forward to what’s called generational wealth.

Today I want to lay the foundation for creating generational wealth.  That’s wealth that not only provides for yourself, but continues on to provide opportunities for others.  Proverbs thirteen : twenty-two states…… “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.” Stay tuned to learn my six pillars needed to create perpetual generational wealth.

Because I want you to get a clear understanding of the importance of each pillar, today I will cover only the first three pillars in my two part series.

The first pillar is to use money jars.  Place your money both mentally and physically into a minimum of 5 jars or holding tanks.  This would consist of charity, housing, saving, necessities and discretionary spending.   Allocate what percentage you need or want for each jar, and never steal from one jar to supplement another.  Most people have all their money in one jar and take out as needed or wanted, and by the end of the week, month or year they find out they have nothing left for saving and are probably in debt.

The second pillar is to have a vision. Stop focusing on scarcity or your provision and focus on a vision.  Proverbs twenty nine: eighteen does NOT state… where there is NO MONEY… my people will perish…  It states… where there is NO VISION, my people will perish.  Pro means “for, or “in favor of”.  Vision signifies “the ability to see the end goal when you are still at the beginning”.  So provision is that which comes to you at the beginning for the purpose of taking you to the end goal.  Provision feeds the vision but you must first have a vision.  Discover your purpose and calling, and discover your true purpose for your money. I chose my show name and tagline for a reason: Plan your wealth with purpose.

The third pillar is to Invest in multiplication. Wealth creators focus on what they have and expect it to multiply, even if it is a very small amount to begin with.  Most others continue to focus on what they don’t have and what they can’t do.  Financial multiplication means investing in assets that generate a positive return and avoiding those that don’t.  Examples may be a personal business, stocks, bonds or other financial products… and your education.  This principle also applies to the people you invest your time with.

So let’s review. Number one: place your money in five jars, and allocate a percentage to each jar.  Voluntarily limit your spending to the percentage allocated to the spending jar, and never rob the money from one jar to fund an activity in another jar.

Second, focus on a vision, not the provision.  Discover your purpose and calling, plan your life and your wealth, with a purpose.

Third, invest only in things that multiply.  Purchase or invest in assets that increase in value, or where the cash flow generated is more than the interest you have to pay on any borrowed money.

Be sure to tune in next time to learn the remaining three pillars needed to create generational wealth, and in the meantime, if you’d like more information, please give us a call and like us on Facebook.