Most investors have never heard of an Investor Coach

Coaching is different from traditional financial advice. How is it different? An investment coach is a financial professional who goes beyond typical financial planning and advice to help you identify your investment philosophy, understand your investment strategy, and provide discipline throughout your investment experience. A coach will not only help you identify the right strategy for you, but help you keep your decisions and behavior regarding your investments on track for achieving the results you want.



1. Is owned and controlled by his broker/dealer on what products to sell.
2. Knows very little about wealth creation principles and therefore is unable to educate clients and investors. Any education deals mostly with product education.
3. Does not deal with investor instincts and emotions.
4. Uses planning as a marketing tool to sell products. Piece meals planning process by selling products to placate client into thinking progress was made. This can be in the form of insurance, college savings (529 plans), traditional/ROTH IRAs.

Coaching is different from traditional financial advice.

So, how do you distinguish whether you are working with a coach or not? A coach helps you answer ‘Yes’ to the 20 Must-Answer Questions for Investing Peace of Mind™.